Top 10 free SEO tools for Small Website Optimization in 2018

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August 5, 2016
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Website Optimization SEO Free Tools

It is true that search engine is a primary traffic source for websites. For making an SEO Friendly Website, web pages have to be optimized as per search engine’s webmaster’s guidelines. Webmasters can be free tools available online to test the website for further optimizing the site for not only search engines but also for visitors. The main reason to write this blog post is to share free SEO Tools for Bloggers and webmasters so that they can optimize their website for Google, Bing and other Search Engines.

Top 10 Free SEO Tools in 2018:

Here is the list of Top Ten Online Free SEO Tools for Website Analysis.

Google Trends: On-Page Optimization Free SEO Tool

Image Credits: ThinkWithGoogle

1. Google Trends:

Google trends help to perform keyword research using it’s trending searches, comparing trends by search terms, forecast, regional trend etc. Google trends analyze a specific term that how many times it’s searched on the Google and even what are the most searched keywords and phrases in which region of the World. The is one of the most powerful tools for Niche Research and Keywords Optimization.

Google Keyword Planner for Website Optimization

Image Credits: Web Certain

2. Google Keyword Planner:

A free keyword tool, Keyword planner aids to get keyword ideas, search volume and traffic forecasts for selecting better and relevant keywords. This Keyword Research Tool Helps to find Most relevant Highly Searched keywords for your niche. The Best Practice is to use Highly Searched Keyword phrases with less competition and High CTR. This Keyword research Tool is champion for Google SEO Optimization.

Robots.txt File for Website Optimization

Image Credits: Clevenue

3. Robots.txt Tester:

Robots.txt is a text file which instruct Search Engine robots to crawl or index your entire website or Specific pages, images and directories.
If you want to index all pages and directories of Website Write:

If you want no index all pages and directories of Website Write:

The Robots.txt testing tool in search console for testing the robots.txt file. 

Html Xml Validator - Website Optimization Tool

Image Credits: culturainteractive

4. HTML/XHTMLValidator:

W3C validator checks the markup validity of web documents in HTML, XHTML etc. This tool will check the validations of your Script and confirm how will it look on different Internet Browsers. You can improve the Quality and Structure of your Markup Languages by using this tool.

CSS and HTML Validator - Website Optimization Tool

Image Credits: Dfanning

5. CSS Validator:

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is used to describe the styles, layout and Description of a Web Page. Check cascading style sheets(CSS) and (x)HTML documents with style sheets. This tool will check the CSS validations of your web page and finds the errors in CSS File which you can fix later.

6. Structured Data Testing Tools:

Structure Testing Tool Google

Image Source: 3playmedia

Use the structure data testing tool to check the google can correctly parse your structured data markup and display it in search results. This Tool is very helpful to optimize your website for Google’s Future SEO Strategies.

7. Mobile Friendly Tool:

Mobile Friendly Tool Google

Image Source: ResultFirst

Google Mobile-friendly testing tool check the website’s mobile friendly status along with technical SEO Optimization recommendations.

8. Page Speed Optimization Tool:

Google Pagespeed Insights - Google website speed optimization Tool

Image Source: Crimson Designs

Use page speed insights to find out how to make your web pages fast on all devices. This Google’s Page speed optimization Tool analyze your website performance and optimization score along with Technical SEO Recommendations.

9. Google Search Console Tools:

Google Search Console Tools for Website Optimization

Image Credits: Track Pal

Google search console or Google Webmaster Tools is a Service introduced by Google to index your website in Google, maintain and monitor your performance in Search Results.

10. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics Tool

Image Credits: Weblizer

Google analytics helps you to analyze the visitor traffic. You can easily find which people are visiting your website from where?


Most of the Webmasters or Bloggers don’t have enough money to buy Premium SEO Tools. They are always in search of some Free SEO Tools for Website optimization which can give the same result as premium Tools. So we have researched and build this list of Top 10 SEO Tools for Website analysis and Optimization. If you think some SEO Tool is missing or there are some tools which work better than above mentioned, Feel free to comment below. We will really appreciate and respect your recommendations.

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  1. George Florent says:

    Great post!
    You can do troubleshooting with on-page audit tools but I doubt that there’s all-in-one tool for everything. I would also recommend SERPStat tool for deep URL analysis and Moz tools for keyword research.

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