How to increase Website Traffic upto 60% by improving Click Through Rate(CTR)

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May 29, 2016
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Increase Website Traffic and Revenue

Do you want to increase your Website Traffic and Revenue up to 60 Percent by improving your Click Through Rate? 

Read this Complete Guide carefully and follow the mentioned Techniques to Boost your Website Performance.

This Article can Help you in 3 different Views:

  1. Boost Website Traffic and Revenue
  2. Convert your traffic into Customers
  3. Improve your CTR to increase traffic

How to improve CTR(Click Through Rate)?

The only way to get more Organic traffic is to rank high in Google Search Results.

But the Question is How to Rank Higher in Google?  Well Don’t Worry, I have a Solution for you.

Just Create More appealing and Quality Content(Meta Title,  Meta Description, Content Copy etc.) than your competitors and you will get more Clicks.

People don’t click on the very first link in Google Search Results, They Read the Title, Read Description and Click on the Link which looks more appealing to them.

This link maybe No. 5 or No.6 Result on Google Page.

So if you come up with more appealing copy, Eventually you’ll get more clicks than your competitor.

If you get more clicks, One Part of Google Algorithm is If Listing No.2 is getting More clicks than Listing No.1 in Google Search Results for a specific Query, Google Will swap them and Listing No.2 will Become Listing No.1.

So let’s see how to get more search Traffic by modifying your Copy.

First of all,  Signup for Google Search Console and verify your website ownership.

If you’ve already verified, Just open it and open Search Analytics under Search Traffic tab. 

Google Search ConsoleSearch Analytics > Search Traffic

Now in search analytics, Click all these 4 options. Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Pages

Search Analytic Google Search Console

Now Just Find the Top Pages. You can see below Top Pages of my website

Top Pages in Google Search Console

Now Check all these boxes: Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Keywords. Now Just Find the Top Keywords

Top Queries in Google Search Console

Tips to increase Click Through Rate and website traffic:

Now It’s time to do a deep analysis of your Keywords and Pages to find the Click Through Rate.

  • Look for the Keywords that have Less than 5 Percent CTR.
  • Also Look for the Pages that have less than 5 Percent CTR.

If your Click through rate is 5% or More, It’s really Great. it means you are doing well.

But If the CTR Rate is less than 5%, Then you need to do the following Things.

  1. Make Sure the keywords you rank for are in the Title Tag.
  2. Make Sure the keywords you rank for are in the Meta Description Tag.
  3. Did your keyword research before ranking for these Keywords?
  4. Check the Keyword Density in your Content Copy.
  5. Make changes by putting keywords in Title, Description and Content Body.
  6. Now Simply re-crawl your website and give some time to google bots to crawl new changes.

Next Step: Re-Crawl your website

Once you are done with Keyword Optimization, Next step is to resubmit your website to Google.

Simply Login your Google Search Console Account.

You will find “Fetch as Google” Under “Crawl” Tab.

Fetch as Google in Google Search Console

As you are going to fetch your homepage, So simply leave URL Blank. Click Fetch and Render.

Now you will see the following screen.

Fetch Attempt in Google Search Console

Click Submit to Index. Then a popup screen Will open and you will choose to submit method.

Submit to Index Google Search Console

Make sure you’re not a Robot. Check “Crawl this URL and its direct links” and Click Go.

Now Give 30 Days to Google to re-index the changes and you will see an increase in your website traffic.

11 Keywords to Boost your CTR and Website Traffic:

Here is a list of some keywords to skyrocket your Click Through Rate.

  • How To
  • What Is
  • Free
  • Top
  • Best
  • Tips
  • Why
  • Tricks
  • Great
  •  Easy
  • Most

Use these keywords in your Meta title and content to improve your search appearance in Google. This article provides the best and easiest ways to track your website performance and increase website traffic by improving keyword optimization.

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